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Reify Team Spotlight: Patrick Robinson

Reify Solutions LLC is an organization dedicated to excellence in our services and our team. Today, we would like to highlight our Strategic Project Lead Patrick Robinson.

Patrick is a passionate higher education professional who joined the Reify team after connecting with Managing Partner Shane Nelson at the Community College of Philadelphia. Patrick and Shane shared similar goals and visions that indicated he would be a fantastic addition to Reify. As the Strategic Project Lead, Patrick works within his own “zone of genius”. He has a gift for finding opportunities in any situation, whether good or bad, understanding how to maximize its potential, pulling out small details to see what may work, and developing a plan of action!

Patrick seeks to learn from his experience as a Reify team member and ultimately provide access and information to diverse populations. Additionally, he aims to provide more equitable opportunities and experiences while creating his own source of resources to bring back to his community. Patrick recently gave a presentation at West Chester University, his alma mater, giving him an opportunity to live his vision.

As a graduate student at West Chester, Patrick assisted within the Dowdy Multicultural Center (DMC). In his second year of grad school, Patrick teamed with the DMC’s assistant director to host the Inaugural Brothers of Excellence Conference. On February 25, Patrick had the honor of returning to West Chester University to serve as the keynote speaker at the 5th Annual Brothers of Excellence Conference. His presentation focused on guiding students through what fear may look like for them and how to overcome it to achieve their goals. In a few weeks, Patrick will be returning to West Chester University to speak with the Graduate Student Association about supporting students of color in the counseling and mental health field.

If you are interested in learning more about working with Reify Solutions LLC and Patrick Robinson, email us at We look forward to working with you!

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